Beauty tips with Marshalls!


Hey friends! I hope everyone's having a fab weekend so far! I couldn't wait to share some of my favorite products with you via Marshalls! 
Let's get real for a second. I have, like, a lot of hair. Almost 3 feet of hair to be exact, so when it comes to my hair products, I don't mess around. I realized a long time ago that buying cheap hair products was one of the biggest mistakes I was making while trying to grow my hair and keep it healthy. As soon as I started investing in better products I noticed a night and day difference in the health of my hair, not to mention it would grow quicker and break less! As much as I love the products I buy, I also go through products quickly with the crazy mop that I have! So when I started shopping Marshalls and TJ Maxx more, I realized they carried some of my favorite products like the Macadamia brand, Big Sexy Hair brand, and Theorie brand. I also ended up finding a ton of new brands I had never even heard of that I fallen in love with including this Topganic shampoo and conditioner and moisturizing cream
On the other hand, I've always been a little bit of a snob when it comes to my makeup. I usually don't go anywhere but the MAC Counter or Sephora to pick up my goodies, but I've been super impressed with some of the fun things I've found while shopping Marshalls! This Max Studio eyeshadow set has so many of my favorite colors and is really similar to my favorite Urban Decay "Naked" sets. I've also loved this Dr. Brandt's CC Glow cream as a light foundation during the summer. There is truly nothing better than finding great quality products for almost half the price! I have linked all my favorite below along with all of the products featured and am wearing here! Happy shopping!! XO

Here are a few of my favorite eyeshadow palettes & blush sets:
My favorite BB & CC creams:

All my favorite Macadamia products:

THEE best smelling Theorie products:

Topganic products:

Other favorites:

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  1. I love shopping the "beauty" isle at Marshalls andTJMaxx!! I am so surprised at some of the things I can find!! :)

  2. OBSESSED with this post because i am a HUGE fan of marshalls and ti's. (almost to the point that its an issue. hehe)