Joggers are a girls' best friend.



Another week has come and gone, and this week consisted of:
Learning some serious patience with an almost two-year-old that thinks she's 13 (and has the sass to go with it!)
Chasing said two-year-old around Target leaving an entire cart, including my purse, to what I hope are very honest Target-goers.
During our super fun/mostly exhausting trip to Target, receiving multiple "I feel for you, I've been there" looks from sweet mothers. I've decided I'll take the pity look over a "can you please control your child" look any day! 
An anniversary to my wonderful husband of six years! Wow… did I just say SIX YEARS?! (It's still a little crazy to me seeing how I barely feel old enough to buy the rum for my bananas flambĂ©, let alone have been married 6 years and have previously mentioned almost-two-year-old!)
Chick Fil A playdates with good friends.
Watching "minyns" and "monsers" (Despicable Me and Monsters University) multiple times a day because someone is going through a phase, and I can tell you, it's not me. However, I am able to quote about 85% of both movies so…maybe that talent can be put to some good use one day. Not likely.

Although my weekly list is as uneventful as that of a mother… I wouldn't have it any other way! As for today's look, my "mom uniform" has changed ever so slightly from everyday jeans to my newfound love… joggers! The stretchy, pajama-like feel of joggers has me all over this new trend! Hats are a constant in my looks lately as well, due to a new workout routine and lack of desire to actually do my hair lately. More to come on that soon.
I hope you're all having a great week so far! Make sure to check out my instagram account (HERE) later today for a pretty awesome giveaway. I don't want to give too much away, but it may or may not be a $550 Nordstrom Giftcard. Oops. I've said to much.
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  1. I love this look, those joggers look SO comfy!

  2. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS OUTFIT - YES! this is so chic. you look amazing. i NEVER go into aero, but your suddenly making me reconsider.

  3. I feel ya I think we watch tangled and frozen at least twice a day.
    And people who give you the control your child glares clearly don't have kids or are oblivious to a child's mindset while in the store. Love the outfit!

  4. Love this sporty chic look!!