Chic in all black



I dressed up for you all today! It's been a while since I've done a dressier look and it's mostly because I haven't had much to dress up for! However, we've been trying to do date nights more as of late and I relish every opportunity to put on some of my lovely clothes and go out on the town! 
Now, let's talk about these lovely clothes.
Where do you find Jimmy Choos for $189 or a Vince top for under $50?! Nowhere in the world except a high end consignment store! I'm a girl who loves her high end items and it's not abnormal for me to splurge on a fabulous item from time to time, but for loving to shop as much as I do, I can't always be spending the full amount on my favorite bags, shoes and clothes every time! At first shopping consignment made me a little leery, but after realizing that they really only take "gently used" items, (while sometimes items still have their original tags on them!) I was totally on board! I love that I can find so many great designer pieces for such an affordable cost! I have found some of my favorite Tory Burch flats, awesome Lulu Lemon items and so much more! They also have an online shop for those of you who can't run on over to Salt Lake to hit up the store so make sure to check it out HERE
Name Droppers also loves my followers so much that they are offering an awesome giveaway on my instagram account (@robynstew8) today! Make sure to check it out and thank you all for following!! XOXO
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  1. This is a really beautiful look. Gemma xx

  2. The culottes look great! You can never go wrong with a black outfit! I think It always feels good to dress up from time to time!

    Erin x

  3. Wow, amazing shoots, and absolutely elegant style, I love it especially your beautiful shoes . Thank you for sharing, you look fabulous!!!