Ready for fall!



 A few chilly days got me a little too excited for dressing for fall this last week. I had mixed feelings when the weather went from being rainy to warming back up to 90 degrees. At least I was able to rock my new coat for one of those chilly days and it definitely got me ready for layering, fun fall prints and colors and booties! 
Then, there's the part of me that is going to Lake Powell this week and wants nothing but warm, beautiful weather so we can play the weekend away in the water and sun! So maybe I'll enjoy this last month of warm weather and put my coat on hold for another few weeks!
I loved playing with these fun prints and this coat really is such a great fall piece! Make sure to check out more of my fall favorites below! XO
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  1. Nice mix of prints, we love black and white looks for autumn!

  2. I love the way you mixed prints! That's one of my favorite trends :) And those pants are awesome!