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I'm finally getting around to talking about one of my newest changes (or not-so-new by now)… my hair color! 

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the chair at Kelly Cardena's Salon and had the crazy idea to go from pretty much all blonde to the darkest brown they could take me! Within about an hour Amanda had me looking like a new woman! Literally! I have wanted to go darker for a while now, it's my usual ritual with the changing seasons - light for summer, dark for winter - but for some reason I was so much happier with it this time! It's so interesting how a hair can play such a huge part in how we look at ourselves! I try and not let it define me, but I definitely realize how a simple change in hair color can sometimes mean a change in other things, or a new wave of change in my life. Change is always good and I've loved feeling like "me" again with my dark hair! 
Anywho, enough about me and my hair, let's talk more about the place and people that I trust to take care of it - Kelly Cardena's Salon! A newer salon to Utah and after only being there three times I am HOOKED! I posted previously about them HERE and by the photos alone you can probably tell why I love it so much. So much personality, fun and an incredible staff to go with such a cool atmosphere! I see Amanda and she has worked wonders with this mane! I'm also in love with ever product they put in my hair and haven't left once without some type of product!
Fromt their color wall (which, seriously, how cool is that?!) to the prayer wall in the bathroom (I have to write something each time), to the "spa" wash room, I haven't never had a salon experience like this before. It's the only 3-4 hour hair appt I've ever looked forward to to get away and get pampered the way I do! Make sure to check them out, especially with their One Year Anniversary coming up since they opened here in Utah! They will be doing giveaways and even have treats and a food truck, so you won't want to miss it! Check out the flyer below for more details and while you're at it, see my dramatic before and afters from my last visit! :O (Oh, and please don't mind the sweats, it's my pamper day, ok?!)

Seriously in love with this color! ^^
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  1. What lipstick are you wearing in these photos? I love it!