Workout Must Haves for the New Year!


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This week's wishlist is devoted to all the cute things I want to kick off my New Year workouts! I love that every time I walk into the mall, the first thing I see in the window is straight workout clothes and shoes! They plan to make all their money on workout clothes in January because they know the hype will die down in a month or two, but hey… they still get me every time! I'm always looking for a reason to get new workout clothes, so seeing them everywhere hasn't helped much! I will say, it definitely encourages me and gets me pumped to go to the gym when I'm rocking the cutest workout clothes though! So I had to share a few of my favorites! A few which I've already snagged for myself, including this darling Nike hoodie, the cut out muscle tank and these incredibly cute Nike Air Max's! The rest are patiently waiting in my shopping cart ;) 
Happy shopping and happy gym-ming friends!
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  1. I love all the cute workout stuff that's available out definitely makes working out a bit more enjoyable (a very small bit in my opinion!). I love the sports bra in #3....super cute!

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